About us

It all started in a garage in the small village called Pargas in Finland. There three friends with wood and paper chemistry background set up a small home-made pressure reactor and started to experiment with unconventional chemistry and ideas with the aim to enhance the existing pulping processes.

Already after the first few experiments, we noticed that something unordinary was going on in the cooking process. We were able to fractionate biomass extremely efficiently into its main components without destroying the molecules. Out came pure hemicelluloses, sulfur free lignin and very pure cellulose. Many weekends and holidays were spent experimenting night and day trying to figure out what was going on with our invention.

We went on building a larger reactor at the same time moving out from the garage. We kept on finding new and even more exciting ways to manipulate the cooking process. Finally, BLN-Woods was founded and a patent application was filed in 2012 (WO2014009604).